Top 6 Nourishing Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

According to a recent study, 42% of Americans eat breakfast in their car twice a week.  As you know we try to promote healthy lifestyles here on The Rugged Male, but we are also practical.  Getting to work on time and being productive is important.  Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of (someone’s) bed and are running late.  This means things in your normal routine will be skipped or replaced with a quicker process. Enter the fast food breakfast sandwich.

There are also many folks that just flat out enjoy a breakfast sandwich.  The best breakfast sandwiches, without a doubt, come from small towns.  They are made with fresh ingredients in country stores and diners.  You can get them in mountain towns, country towns and even some beach towns that haven’t been ruined by bird scooters yet.   We will not be rating those sandwiches, because they all have perfect scores, made from the heart.

What we will be rating are the Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches according to health, taste & availability.  We expect these sandwiches to get better as fast food outlets experiment with plant based meat products to create new healthier versions of their popular breakfast sandwiches.  That’s good news, because overall, none of the items on our list would qualify as “healthy”.  But here we go any way. Buckle up!

6. Dunkin Donuts Ham, Egg & Cheese

370 calories 4g sugar 15g fat 19g protein 910g sodium

This sandwich would be ranked higher if it were not for two simple things.  Dunkin Donuts is not located in many parts of the country.  Dunkin also changes its menu items more than Kevin Durant and James Harden change teams.  So this tasty breakfast sandwich, which is much healthier than just about anything on their menu, could be here today, gone tomorrow or not available in your town.  Therefore we ranked it last. How you like dem apples eh Dunkin!?!