The Potential Impact of Poor Oral Health on Your Sexual Wellness

If you’ve got great teeth and your breath smells fresh and minty, then this post might not be for you. But if you’ve got Johnny Depp teeth and your breath has a nauseous quality to it, then step right in.

One thing most men fail to realize is when you approach a lady, the first impression counts. For example, when you approach a lady at the bar with your firm, well-toned physique tucked into your nicest shirt and clean shoes, you are clearly already making a good first impression.

But all that goes down the drain if you open your mouth to say “hi” and nauseous fumes escape from your oral orifice. How do you expect any lady to want to get intimate with anyone with breath that makes her gag?

But that’s just one-way bad dental hygiene ruins your chances of getting lucky. Let’s look through the other ways your ill-cared-for mouth might be ruining your love life.


If you’ve got Johnny Depp teeth (crooked, yellow, and all-round disturbing) or worse, it doesn’t matter how suave you are or how lush your beard is. The sight of your poorly cared for teeth is going to be a major turn-off, and very few ladies are going to want to have a mouth full of dirty teeth coming anywhere near their body. That’s why it might be a good time to get a pair of the best clear aligners to fix those crooked teeth.


If you obviously aren’t taking care of your teeth, it sends a lady signals that there are probably other aspects of your life you aren’t taking care of. There’s a reason why people in sales usually have pristine pearly whites – it’s because firm white teeth inspire trust in whoever they are communicating with. So, a lady seeing you with bad teeth immediately gets all sorts of red flags flying in her head.


Even you wouldn’t want someone with bad breath cozying up to you. So, instead of having to tolerate foul breath, most ladies will probably prefer trying their luck with a man whose mouth has more of an appealing odor.


If these three reasons aren’t good enough for you, then you need to know something else – Poor oral hygiene isn’t only capable of rendering you repulsive, it is also capable of causing Erectile Dysfunction.


Scientists at Turkey’s Inonu University reached a conclusion after extensive research that periodontal disease brought on by poor oral hygiene can have a devastating effect on your ability to have an erection.

This is possible because the plaque and bacteria that build up on your improperly cleaned teeth can be absorbed through your gums and into your bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, the bacteria can wreak havoc in the major blood vessels that are responsible for the blood flow, which gives you erections.

This means if a lady manages to look beyond the bad condition of your teeth and give you a chance, there’s a very high possibility you might not be able to “get it up”.
Researchers at Inonu University discovered this frightening truth after monitoring men aged between 30 and 40 who had periodontal conditions. 53% of the men who had periodontitis were seen to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

But it’s not just your sexual capability that’s in trouble because periodontal disease can also cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and respiratory problems.

Fortunately, you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss to save the day. Experts can strongly recommend brushing and flossing at least twice a day to reduce your chances of having periodontal disease and ruining your all-around health.

So, if you want to be her Prince Charming and give her true love’s first kiss, at least first make sure you’ve got good breath.