Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Adventurous Gentleman

It’s a new year and for many a good riddens to a difficult year marred with iconic entertainment deaths, a disgusting new low in American politics and increases in violent crimes by bad guys and the supposed good guys.  There is no better time to tear down the rear mirror and look ahead to a new year and focus on what’s really important – family, friends and yourself.  If all that fails then pick up a medical marijuana card and punt!

That said we propose:

Ten New Year’s Resolutions For The Rugged Male

  •  Improve Your Health – This means eating right if you cant get your lazy ass off the couch and exercise, at least stop the train of garbage going in. You will be amazed at what it does for your mood, energy levels and self confidence. There are so many healthy, great tasting options these days, you don’t need to be eating any products from Frito Lay.
  • Support Local Business Owners – Supporting local business owners is good for so many reasons. The dollars spent will generally stay in your community, so if you like watching the fireworks on July 4th, support local businesses. Why go to a restaurant in your town owned by a corporation? It only invites more.  Why award a service contract to a company in Texas if you can hire a consultant locally?  Why go to True Value if you can get the same hammer at Cole Hardware, whose slogan is “There are no strangers here, just friends we haven’t met”.  Support your local everything, it really helps everything.
  • Negative Social Media Posts – Please stop broadcasting that you’re in a bad mood or frustrated about politics or the local supermarket.  What happened to personal branding, positive personal branding.  The reality is that you are too lazy to do anything so you post and tweet adding to the social media shit storm trying to feel good about your insecure self.  Newsflash – That is not activism, that is noise.  It does nothing and your friends are sick and tired of your misinformed rants from opinion news sources.  Try to post more positive content. Like mom says, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
  • Get Your Side-Hustle On – The Uber slogan is good advice.  If you still have one revenue stream, errr – your paycheck, then you need a side-hustle. It’s becoming necessary to keep your sanity in a repetitive 9-5 world.  Pick a hobby and try to monetize it, it will put a smile on your face and give you some protection from our government screwing up the economy again.  There are countless ways to make money online without leaving your home.  The world is catering more to single person businesses than ever before.  People are baking goods in their home and selling to restaurants and cafes.  Products are being made and sold on eBay and Amazon.  Everyone is looking for a good photographer. Hone your skills it just might turn into a rewarding new career.  There is nothing better than being self-employed.
  • Drinking Soda – Really people, how old are you?  Soda Pop is for kids.  You are supposed to know that soda is nasty and only makes you more thirsty.  Coca-Cola will take the rust off bolts in a few days, imagine what its doing to your body.  Here is a study from Harvard Department of Health showing the health risks, edumacate yourself.  If for no other reason do it so you have a nice grill, everyone who talks to you will appreciate it.
  • Call More, Text Less – The last 5 years has seen an enormous increase in texting.  It has become the norm in social communication, even with families and that is sad. Nothing Apple produces will replace talking with your family and friends.  A good resolution is to pick up the phone and call your college pals or mom or crazy Aunt Rosemary who was always so nice to you growing up.  Big cities are becoming bedroom communities because nobody interacts beyond 140 characters.
  • Like Thy Neighbor – Another good resolution is to try to be nicer to our neighbors.  This includes the neighbors living next door, the business next to yours or the annoying guy at the gym you see every morning talking on his Bluetooth (OK that’s a hard one).  Point is, there is going to be enough negativity in the news, lets keep it on the television and social media, don’t allow it to creep into your real life.  Buy that coffee or pay that toll for the person after you.  That is something you control and nobody else can touch.
  • Visit Grandma – Anyone’s Grandma 🙂.  The elderly have the least amount of time left on this world and we shove them out in the woods like that scene in the movie The Beach.  Americans are living much longer and many are impacted by reduced mobility.  Meals on Wheels is an amazing charity with 5000 locally run locations that provide nutritious meals and companionship to the millions of elderly that cannot leave their home.
  • Get Over Yourself – As human beings capable of introspection (well most of us), we all think way too much when things don’t go our way.  We want to look for outside forces that “screwed us” instead of saying, “shit, that didn’t go as planned” and dusting ourselves off. Stop blaming others for your mood or consequences because life doesn’t care.  Life keeps moving and you can either be excuse driven or adapt, learn and move on.  Ditto for keeping people in your life that act like this. Life is too short for that crap, send flowers.

Travel Internationally – Nothing will give you a fresh perspective like going to another country.  We all get caught up in the hamster wheel – work, wedding, vacation, work, birthday, same vacation, work.  Break the chains and go on a winter vacation or maybe to Costa Rica instead of Florida this year, perhaps Indonesia instead of Cabo.  Travel feeds the soul and should be looked at as an investment not a luxury item.