Signs You Might Be Considered an Approachable Gentleman

We often hear about “easy women“. But the male equivalent also exists, even if it’s less well known! Would you like to know more about this “gentleman” and whether you fit the profile? We’ll explain it all to you. So you can find out if you belong to this clan, which isn’t all that exclusive after all.

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Easy communication is key

Yes, the vast majority of men know how to approach a lady and start a conversation without too much fuss.

But with the easy man, it’s a little different. If you address this hypothetical “prey” with unfeigned enthusiasm, if the words come out very easily, you’ve already got a chance of being an easy guy. He must give the impression of practicing the “subtle art of flirting” as if he were a master in the field of easy seduction. No hesitation in what he says. He knows what will strike a chord with the other person, and has no hesitation in getting straight to the point. A bit macho, he knows perfectly how to seduce to achieve his goal. If you know exactly what to say to grab someone’s attention without having to think about it for hours, if your speech is simple, clear and targeted, you’re likely to be a professional seducer and therefore probably an easy man.

But if you want to prove that you belong to this group, your approach mustn’t simply focus on getting to know the other person (which, after all, isn’t your passion). You don’t go out of your way to get a drink! The one and only purpose of this action (and to sum up the easy man), is obviously to get into bed with the miss. So don’t be shy. You’re direct. It’s a hallmark of the easy man. He’s not shy.

You are straightforward!

So, one of the criteria for defining yourself as an easy man is your approach. But of course, this is not done any old way. No sweet talk about rain or shine. No, you don’t have time for that. A few compliments, no doubt (after all, you’ve got to put the young lady or gentleman at ease), but you’re direct and the person you’re talking to will immediately know what you’re up to. In a word: sex! And there’s no hesitation whatsoever.

You’re sure of yourself and your ability to seduce. It’s impossible for the other person not to fall for you. And you’re convinced of it. The easy man fears nothing and doesn’t hesitate. He goes for it, because he knows it will lead to doing what he wants (you know what we’re talking about?).

The easy man will quickly propose a sex plan without blushing. He knows what he wants and will propose it without the slightest embarrassment. Period. He’s overconfident and fearless. He knows he’s attractive and that no one can resist him. After all, all he wants is sex, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t see the other one afterwards. Quite the contrary! Your certainty about the outcome of your seduction plan can even be touching, so convinced are you that it will end in bed.

You have one and only one goal: to get laid, even if you don’t know the other person at all (did you get around to asking their first name? No, we didn’t!). You give out a lot of information about yourself without waiting (your phone number first and foremost). But you can also get the same information quickly and well if you think the other person will be more confident that way, since you seem to be an easy (and resourceful!) man.

Does your looks count?

Is there such a thing as the easy man? Well, obviously not. But we’ve found that the easy man isn’t overly handsome or ugly. He’s (sorry guys) just plain ordinary. But he’s so sure of himself that he’s beautiful.

He’s certain that his aura will work miracles anyway. And this certainty will work miracles!

So, just like with an easy girl, the easy man is straightforward, and even if he’s not Brad Pitt, he doesn’t care. He talks to all the women he likes. He’s the one who decides who he’s going to talk to. And even though he has a very plain face, he couldn’t care less. He’s well aware that he’ll never be Mr. Universe, but that doesn’t matter.

He knows he can work miracles, he’s done it a million times before. So if he spots a potential target, he just goes for it. And if the other person doesn’t seem to be attracted to him, he’s not going to bet on his looks, but on his presence and glibness. And it works. Because to be an easy-going man, you have to get the results you want, even if, let’s face it, you’re ugly!

Uncompromising self-assurance?

So far, what we’ve seen of the easy man might suggest that he’s an incredibly confident man, without the slightest weakness. THE male who knocks them all down as soon as he opens his mouth!

But in fact, that’s not really the case.

If you’re the kind of man who makes mistakes as soon as you open your mouth, who wants to cry as soon as the other leaves you, you can still be an easy man!

When he talks to a prey, he’ll sometimes come out with some real nonsense! If he says the other is beautiful, it’s because he really means it at the time. He’s totally up to his job as a seducer, but at the same time, he really means what he says! This double game can sometimes cause him problems, because the other person can concentrate on the “getting attached” part, without wanting to understand that the easy man is particularly versatile. And if he says he’d like to spend a few days with her to “see”, he means it, but only when he says it.

After the seduction phase, he’ll have forgotten that he ever proposed a serious plan. He may seem uncertain and even insecure, if he has to row. But he’ll have forgotten this weakness as soon as he’s back on the hunt. He’s got one thing on his mind: get laid and get on with it. He can also be a real weather vane, going from marriage to sex in a matter of seconds!

A modern-day Don Juan?

So what exactly is an easy man? If you want to spend a few hours fooling around with a woman or a man and that’s all you want. If you’re a man who knows how to seduce, even with your weaknesses. If you manage to get a lot of information quickly and easily. And, of course, if you’ve had a lot of sexual experiences, it looks like you’re an easy man to seduce. If, on top of that, you don’t call your victims back quickly (it takes you at least 3 days to do so, or even, let’s face it, you don’t call back at all), you’ve got all the proof you need.

You praise the easy way out and don’t want to think ahead. Prey in sight? All right, you go on the attack without a second thought. No planning, just the urge to act! So, it would seem that you could be categorized as an “easy man”.