Sex Toys: Exploring the Distinctions Between Products for Heterosexuals and Homosexuals

In the world of naughty and saucy, sex toy manufacturers are not to be outdone in their efforts to provide you with a moment of intense pleasure, whether you’re alone or a couple, and whatever your sexual orientation. Vibros, plugs and other geisha balls or eggs can make you vibrate with desire! But are there really adult toys only for heterosexuals or gays? What’s the difference between straight and gay sex toys?

What are the different types of sex toys?

Depending on the area to be stimulated, in both men and women, the sex toy will have a different form or functionality. In general, sex toys fall into three main categories: vibrators, most of which have a phallic shape, penis rings or plugs and, finally, suction devices to stimulate the clitoris in women and the penis in men.

Sex toys for women

If sex toys are legion in the world of female pleasure, here are the main ones you’re likely to come across.


Also popularly known as “dildos”, these phallic-shaped toys are designed to explore the vagina through penetration. It can be vibrating or have other features such as a hot or cold effect for added pleasure.

Clitorally Mindblowing

Need we say more about this little darling of the ladies? This toy stimulates the clitoris to induce an intense orgasm quickly. No cunnilingus has ever made you cum so much!

Ring plugs

Dedicated to anal pleasure, plugs feature an elbow, so you can play alone or in pairs, in complete safety. Plugs can also be fitted with a variety of functions, such as vibration, and are also thinner than vibrators, for a gentle introduction to anal pleasure.

Sex toys for men

Increasingly, these gentlemen are not forgotten in the world of naughty pleasure.

Sheaths or masturbators

The classic male sex toy, the sheath or masturbator reproduces the effects of vaginal and/or anal penetration. Alone or with a partner, men can experience the sensation of real lovemaking for a guaranteed orgasm.

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Penis rings or cockrings

The cockring, as its name suggests, is placed around the penis and depend your size, to induce a more intense, longer-lasting erection by acting on blood flow. Some variants also encircle the testicles for tenfold sensations.

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Vibrators, plugs and but plug

Male anal pleasure is becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the gay community. With these accessories, you can explore the G-spot in complete safety. Because these gentlemen also have the right to the best orgasm of their lives through prostate stimulation.

Finally, bondage games, in which one of the two partners takes control, can be used regardless of the partners’ sex. A woman will love to handcuff her playmate, just as a man will beg to be tied up by his partner.

What’s the difference between straight and gay sex toys?

In reality, there’s not much difference between heterosexual and homosexual sex toys. In fact, adult toy manufacturers tailor their products to the anatomy of either men or women, or both in the case of sex toys for anal pleasure. The aim of these toys is to give pleasure by taking into account the specificities of each sex’s body. For example, a clitoral vacuum cleaner can be used by both straight and gay women. Similarly, a penis ring can be inserted by a man during vaginal penetration with a woman, or anal penetration with a woman or a man.

However, depending on your sexual orientation, some sex toys may appeal to you more than others, or be more pleasurable. But this depends on individual preferences and tendencies.

So whether you’re a man or a woman, straight or gay, single or solo, treat yourself to the sex toy that’s sure to make you go wild!

How to choose your sex toy?

It’s important to choose the right sex toy to maximize your pleasure. Choose your toy according to the areas of your body you wish to stimulate. As for size, if you fall for a vibrator, whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s no need to go for the biggest.

The toys are designed to give you maximum pleasure, even with the slimmest models, when discovering anal pleasure, for example. When using these sex toys, be sure to use water-based lubricant and maintain impeccable hygiene.