Schleich Toy Reviews

Schleich Horses and Playsets

You’ll find beautiful Schleich horse sets that come with buildings, horses, fences, other Schleich animals, Schleich horse accessories, and more. And of course, you’ll find everything in between. We don’t disappoint when it comes to Schleich toys.

All of these incredible horses can be found in the Schleich Farm World collection and the Schleich Horse Club collection.

Schleich has thought everything through and has a variety of choices. It doesn’t matter what perspective of horses you like best, Schleich has something for everyone.  So let’s get to it, and let’s dig right in and discover some fun Schleich horse toys, shall we?

Schleich Horses and Schleich Sets

As mentioned earlier, Schleich makes everything you can imagine related to horses in a scale-sized collectible and playable product. So before we get into anything else, let’s talk about the horses and Schleich horse playsets.

What Scale are Schleich Horses?

The common question is, “What scale are Schleich horses?” While Schleich has never verbally announced their scale size, we’ve done the math, and it turns out that they are 1:24 scale. So what does that mean?

If we look at the “1”, that’s the actual size of a horse, while the “24” represents the size of the Schleich horse, itself. So what this means is that a Schleich horse is 1/24th or 0.04167% the size of the actual horse.

In its simplest form, if there were such thing as a 24-foot tall horse, then’s Schleich’s would be one foot tall. Now we know that there’s no such thing as a 24-foot tall horse, but you get the point.

So why hasn’t Schleich officially announced this? Your guess is as good as ours. Our best guess is that by not announcing what scale their horses are, it gives them the flexibility to change it in the future.

Nonetheless, the horses Schleich makes will accommodate any great 1:24 scale collection.

Schleich Horse Figurines

Schleich is all about variety. Every year, they release more and more horses. They indeed released plenty this year. Just take a look at all the horse breeds with pictures below and see what we have available for sale.

Have you heard of Schleich horse families? Well, you should know that Schleich will often release a stallion, mare, and foal of the same breed. Love this!

We’ll talk about the process of how Schleich horse toys are made in a little bit. But before that, let’s talk about the types of horses that Schleich makes. In the world of horses, they are typically broken down into three categories:

  • Coldblood Horses
  • Warmblood Horses
  • Hotblood Horses

It refers to their temperament, but other things can differentiate them as well.

Schleich offers a wide variety of horse toys. They also make multiple variations of most of their horses, such as a Schleich stallions, mares, ponies, and foals. Let’s take a look at the types of Schleich horses you can discover.


What the heck is a coldblood horse? No, it’s not related to a snake or lizard. There aren’t many coldblood horses compared to other types of horses, but these gentle giants are generally used for farming and are also known as workhorses. Some examples would be the Clydesdale or the beautiful Black Forest Horse.


Warmblood horses are the result of breeding warmblood and coldblood horses for either a calmer horse or smaller draft horses. Some examples would be the Knabstrupper, tinker, or Holsteiner.


Then there are our hotblood horses, which tend to have more energy and a little more of a temperament. Some examples would be a Paint Horse or an English Thoroughbred.

Schleich Horse Sets

Schleich horse sets are a great addition to any Schleich collection. You’ll find a variety of Schleich sets that are related to horses such as:

  • Schleich horse barns
  • Schleich horse stalls
  • Stables
  • Corrals
  • Farmhouses
  • Multi-horse Schleich sets
  • Schleich horse tack
  • Horse riding accessories

These are just a few examples, but you’ll want to take a closer look at some of these. Most come with some type of structure or building, Schleich animals, and a multitude of accessories. Some Schleich horse sets also include Schleich people. They could be farmers, Schleich horse riders, trainers, etc. Schleich toys are known for their versatility and choices.

Schleich Brands – Farm World and Horse Club

Schleich has a variety of brands that introduce a multitude of animals. The two primary brands that offer Schleich horses are Schleich Farm World and Schleich Horse Club.

Schleich Farm World

Schleich Farm World dives into many aspects of farm life. You’ll find a variety of structures such as Schleich horse barns, houses, stables, corrals. You’ll also find vehicles such as tractors, pickups, and so on.

But the real heart of any farm is the animals that live there. Farms have dogs, cows, pigs, chickens, and of course, horses. There are so many Schleich farm animals to choose from.

What’s interesting about Schleich Farm World is that when you start discovering all of the different animals, you’re surprised to learn just how many there are. Did you know that there are hundreds of horse breeds recognized around the world?

Schleich Farm World allows little ones to discover a wide variety of farm animals in a fun and exciting way. It also allows collectors to make incredible dioramas and collections from these awesome Schleich horse toys.

Schleich Horse Club

Because there are so many different types of horses, Schleich’s Farm World just wasn’t enough to cut it. They branched out and created an entirely new brand called Schleich Horse Club.

Schleich Horse club explores four friends: Sofia, Hannah, Lisa, and Sarah. Each has a different personality, but all share the same love for horses. Each of them has a special horse:

  • Sofia has Blossom, who is a twenty-year-old Andalusian mare.
  • Hannah has Cayenne, an eleven-year-old quarter horse.
  • Lisa’s horse, Storm, is a Hanoverian horse.
  • Sarah’s horse, Mystery, is an Arabian mare.

Schleich horse club also introduces a wide variety of new horses to Schleich’s already incredible horse figurine lineup.

Schleich Horse Club also offers a fun app that you can download. You’ll get to play games and have fun with the whole Horse Club gang.

About Schleich Horses

You’ll find that they are incredibly detailed, and each is hand-painted. Schleich brings true artistry to their horses and other animals as well.

For a quick history lesson, Schleich was founded by Friederich Schleich in 1935 and had been making animals for many, many years.

These horses are designed and made to look as realistic as possible.

Artists create the animals by hand or by using a computer. Then the designs are molded and sculpted to perfection. Only when they meet Schleich’s high standards, do they go into production to then be individually hand-painted. This truly brings them to life in a way that most companies have a hard time competing with.

If you want to see adorable, you need to take a look at some of the Schleich foals and ponies. They’re absolutely adorable.

Schleich Collectors

Schleich collectors take Schleich animals to a new level with custom accessories, setups, dioramas, and more. There are many Schleich collector groups that you can join. It’s a great community of people that love everything about Schleich collectibles.

The things that they do with Schleich horse sets are truly amazing. I have seen custom Schleich horses, full room dioramas, and even a full room that is a Schleich wonderland.

Each year, Schleich also releases collector guides. We have them available, so feel free to reach out to us if you would like one, while supplies last.

Retired Schleich Horses

Some of these toys stick around for quite some time, while others are only here as a limited release. Schleich doesn’t usually announce when something is being retired until they are already sold out.

Retired items can be hard to come by, but they’re out there. In fact, we have some in stock right now! Take a look through our toy horses for sale and you’re bound to find some gems.

Schleich Horses Through the Years

Each year, Schleich continues to release a multitude of horses. Some of these include rare horses Schleich made as well. While there’s not enough space to list them all, here are some highlights starting in 2016.

Schleich 2016 Horses

2016 introduced quite a few horses under the Horse Club brand. These included Andalusians, Arabians, Clydesdales, Mustangs, Pintos, Tennessee Walkers, and Black Friesians.

Schleich 2017 Horses

2017 was focused on more common horses such as Tennesee Walkers, Pintos, Tinkers, Hanoverians, Haaflingers, and Lipizzaners. These Schleich animal toys are beautiful.

Schleich 2018 Horses

In 2018, we saw some introductions and variants such as the Quarter Horse, Pintabian, and some fun and exciting horse sets as well!

Schleich 2019 Horses

2019 was the year Schleich release an incredibly detailed Horse Stable along with multiple other great horse sets and horse figurines. 2019 Schleich horses are pretty various and awesome.

Schleich 2020 Horses

And that brings us to 2020, where tons of brand new Schleich horses and Schleich sets have been (or will be) released. Check out all of our in-stock Schleich horses 2020.

Development Through Playing with Schleich Horses

Play is one of our greatest developmental tools for children. It allows us the ability to learn in a fun way. Also, the chemical makeup in our brain when we are having fun will enable us to retain more information.

Playing with Schleich horses and other animals allows us to explore our imagination, which strengthens our brainpower. It’s also a great way to discover and learn about the many animals that exist in our world.

If you want your kiddos to learn more about the many types of horses and animals that exist in our world, introduce them to Schleich. The more they play, the more they can learn.



Schleich horses are indeed remarkable. These Schleich horse toys offer incredible detail and color and are of great value. They can help us learn about horses, spark our imagination, and are great for collectors as well.

If you’re looking for Schleich horses for sale, then Maziply Toys is where you want to be.