Premier Adventure Travel Spots for Enthusiastic Animal Aficionados

For animal lovers, traveling the world while spending some time among furry friends is like a piece of heaven. Thankfully, there are so many destinations that will allow you to interact with your favorite animals. Of course, as an animal lover, you don’t want to visit places that exploit animals or force them to work in stressful conditions. Therefore, you must choose those places that will only allow you to interact with animals in a natural environment and not subject them to any form of exploitation or torture. 

If you’re an animal lover and you’re planning to embark on a fun adventure, check out these adventure travel destinations for animal lovers. From cozying up with the gorillas in Rwanda to exploring the Galapagos Islands, these adventures are perfect for animal lovers of all kinds. 

1. Rwanda 

Seeing the mountain gorillas in Rwanda is a dream for many animal lovers. Rwanda has a diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of wildlife spread across volcanoes, mountainous forests and plains. But the most popular of these are the mountain gorillas. These primates mostly live in the Volcanoes National Park in the northwestern part of the country, and there are around ten groups of mountain gorillas in the area. About 10% of the revenue earned from gorilla treks goes to the conservation of these beautiful creatures. So, by joining these treks, you are directly contributing to the protection of the gorillas.

Seeing the gorillas up close in their natural habitat is such a wonderful experience. If you are a diehard animal lover, this is one of those wildlife encounters that you should experience at least once in your life. Sure, trekking is not always an easy feat but with a group of rangers to guide you, you’ll be able to brave through the dense and slippery jungle. Also, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa, adding to the appeal of this destination.

2. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for animal lovers who want to experience the rare opportunity to pet elephants or witness tigers up-close. Unfortunately, most of these places don’t give value to animal welfare. Some of them keep the animals captive, while others have subjected them to torture. As an animal lover, you should avoid visiting these kinds of places. So where should you go instead?

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is a true elephant sanctuary that serves as a shelter for abused and orphaned elephants. Here, the elephants can roam freely and play with each other. They offer tours that give visitors a chance to see the elephants in their natural habitat and in a manner that contributes to their welfare rather than abuse. The Wildlife Friends Foundation in Petchaburi is another destination that’s worth a visit for animal lovers. This foundation is dedicated to educating the public about animal welfare and provide awareness about animal abuse. They also give visitors a chance to volunteer for the foundation, which is a great opportunity for animal lovers.

3. Botswana 

Botswana is one of the most popular destinations in Africa for animal lovers. Here, you will find an abundance of nature parks and habitats in which wildlife is free to live and roam. To make the most of your visit, consider taking part in an elephant safari that offers the most ultimate wildlife experience. For instance, the luxury Botswanan elephant trail safari is a 10-day wildlife experience that follows the route of the elephants as they make their way to Linyanti from Kalahari. You will also have the opportunity to spend some time with the San Bushmen, an indigenous group in Botswana with a vast knowledge of the Kalahari Game Reserve.

Another interesting way to discover the wildlife of Botswana is to paddle a canoe along the remote Selinda Spillway that links the Okavango Delta to Linyanti and Kwando rivers. During your journey, you’ll come across a variety of wildlife, including herds of buffalo and elephants, as they head towards the river’s edge to drink.

4. Greenland

More and more adventure-seekers are discovering Greenland, one of the most isolated places on Earth. And if you’re an animal lover, then Greenland is even more interesting to visit. The island’s massive arctic landscape offers endless opportunities for animal lovers seeking a unique wildlife experience. 

Dog sledding is one of the most exciting ways to experience Greenland’s unique environment while providing a great adrenaline rush for adventure-seekers. For thousands of years, dog sledding was the only mode of transport in Greenland. Today, only a few Greenlanders use dog sleeping, and mainly for fishing or hunting. If you want to experience dog sledding in Greenland, schedule your visit between December and April. But if you come here in summer, there’s only one place where you can experience dog sledding, and that’s on Disko Island. 

Whale watching among the icebergs is another activity for animal lovers to experience in Greenland, in the island’s Arctic Riviera. During summer, pods of whales can be seen along the island’s iceberg-filled fjords. You can witness different kinds of whales up-close, such as humpback, fin whales, and minke whales. 

5. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is the ultimate dream destination for many animal lovers. Here, you will have an exciting opportunity for close-up encounters with a wide variety of wildlife, including iguanas, Galapagos snakes, fur seals, and giant tortoises. The best way to experience the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is to book a cruise-based tour of the region that offers walking excursions on the islands you visit.

Such cruise-based tours, such as those offered by Rainforest Cruises, provides better wildlife coverage compared to doing it on your own and usually includes a visit to several different islands, including remote areas within the National Park. You will also have the opportunity to partake in kayaking and snorkeling, offering a different perspective as you observe the vast amounts of marine life that the Galapagos is known for.