Mastering the Art of Providing Ideal Post-Sexual Aftercare

You’ve just had sex involving sexual roleplay and some pain play, and everything was great. But what do you do right after? If you drift off to sleep after getting intimate with your girl, it’s time to adjust your behavior and do some sexual aftercare. If this is your first time hearing about it, aftercare is the thing you do after sex to ensure you and your partner’s overall well-being. So it’s not just about making sure that both of you are not in physical pain after rough sex. It’s also about ensuring that both of you are fine, emotionally and psychologically, after engaging in such an intimate act.

In a Forbes article, psychologist Mark Travers said that aftercare should be a priority since the way you behave after sex may be equally important as foreplay and sex itself. Aftercare is especially crucial in committed relationships, as the expert notes a study that found that couples who spent more time engaging in activities together after sex enjoyed enhanced intimacy and increased bonding. If you want to improve sexual satisfaction, here’s how to give the perfect post-sex aftercare.


Some men may think that aftercare isn’t important if they’re having casual sex, such as sex with girls from the best escort sites that they know of. However, experts say that even in casual sexual encounters, including aftercare can make you feel more secure and satisfied. So whether you had sex with an escort or had a one-night stand, perform some sexual aftercare by talking about the sex you had or other topics, or perhaps you can listen to music together. 

For those who are in a relationship, physical touch is a great way to feel grounded and closer to each other after sex or role-playing. You can stroke each other’s hair or, better yet, cuddle each other while talking. According to a study, couples who cuddled after sex reported higher relationship and sexual satisfaction than couples who didn’t. You can also try cuddling while watching TV or reading together.


Sex can take a physical toll on you and your partner, and it can deplete your energy stores, too, especially if you’ve had a particularly vigorous session. So, if you’ve planned for a steamy night with your loved one, make sure to prepare some snacks so you can feed each other after having sex. Health experts say that light, nutrient-rich food like fresh fruit or a smoothie can be the perfect post-coital snacks since these can help your body recover. Other snacks that are good to have after lovemaking include dark chocolate, almonds, and bananas, so have some of these on your bedside table. Don’t forget to give your partner water or coconut water to replenish lost fluids and prevent dehydration. 


Sex can get messy, so if you don’t want to sleep in your mess, you’ll want to clean yourself up before getting some zzzs. Take this opportunity to bond with your girl and shower or bathe together. Offer to scrub her back and continue cuddling under the shower spray or in the tub. While the goal here is to get clean, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be intimate while cleaning yourselves up. So go ahead and let her wash your hair, or have a lazy makeout session in the tub. 

Aftercare can make you and your partner feel nurtured and cared for after sex. Remember to spend some time lavishing some attention on your loved one after a hot night in bed, and see how it improves your relationship and sex life.