Hidden Treasures: Revealing America’s Premier Beach Bars

Calling all beach lovers and dive bar aficionados!  Get ready to embark on an endless summer journey as we unveil the best beach bars that will take your sunny escapes to new heights. Whether you’re a fan of laid-back vibes or crave a more lively atmosphere, we’ve scoured the country to unveil the best beach bars in America for every kind of traveler.

Benefits of Visiting a Beach Bar

Picture yourself sipping an ice cold beer with your toes in the sand, while the sun kisses your skin and the sound of crashing waves serenades your soul. From the white sandy beaches of Nantucket and Cape Cod to Southern California and Florida, these hidden beach bars offer more than just a stunning ocean view. They deliver unforgettable experiences.

Enhance Your Vacation By Visiting a Beach Bar

Indulge in daytime cocktails with the locals and savor delicious beachside bites.  Enhance your vacation by connecting with the locals who chose to spend their life at the beach.  You will gain valuable insider knowledge to guide you on your vacation and discover hidden gems not found on TripAdvisor.  But mind your manners because most of these beach bars are not tolerant of douchebaggery and highfalutin, but the rewards reaped will catapult your trip to stardom.

Whether you’re interested in the laid back vibe of the Florida Keys, the DJ Beats prominent in Venice Beach or the dirty dive bars on the piers of Southern California, our curated list of beach bars has a vibe for even the most unique beach lover.  So pack your bathing suits and flip-flops, (and perhaps a helmet) as we take you on an exhilarating journey to the best beach bars in America.

After decades of summer travel, hundreds of tequila shots & countless hangovers, our highly qualified summer boozebag team offers up a ranking of the Top 20 Beach Bars in America.  Please note that we did not take any sponsorship dollars in creating this list.

Best Beach Bars in America

20.  Surf Bar – Folly Beach, South Carolina

Surf Bar at Folly Beach

Fifteen minutes south of historic downtown Charleston, Surf Bar welcomes locals and visitors alike with tasty food, cold beverages, chill surf films and the best live music on Folly Beach with no cover. Enjoy their crazy-popular cheese-steak sandwiches or a wood-fire grilled 1/2lb burger. Sip on Surf Bar’s signature Painkillers, or enjoy a fresh Mojito after a day at the beach.

19. The Beach Chalet, San Francisco

Everyone knows San Francisco is not what it used to be. The city’s counter culture fabric was cut in half by millennials wielding a giant pair of Google scissors.  The Beach Chalet is evidence of such a drastic change, but much, much earlier than the techie invasion.  The building was designed by Willis Polk, who was supervising architect of the Palace of Fine Arts and opened in 1925 in as a city-run restaurant with changing rooms for beach goers.

After World War II the city leased the Beach Chalet to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for $50 a month.  They featured gambling, strippers and lewd films. The VFW moved out after the city bumped the rent to $500 a month in 1979.

It’s now a fancy ocean view restaurant, brewery and outdoor music venue, but the vibes from the old VFW days still remain.  There is still a slightly haunting but comfortable vibe in the restaurant and the back patio. I highly recommend The Beach Chalet on a sunny, cloudy or rainy day, it’s an extremely versatile beach bar!