Guidelines for Crafting an Unforgettable Journey to Kauai

If you are planning a tropical escape, why not consider Kauai? The fourth largest island among the six main Hawaiian islands, Kauai offers a genuinely tropical paradise setting with an endless list of rewarding activities. Here are some easy tips to make your Kauai trip unforgettable.

1. Prepare for Water Photography

If you go to Kauai, you’re going to spend a good amount of time in or near the water. Whether it’s at the beach catching some rays, going for a swim or a snorkel or perhaps visiting one of the beautiful waterfalls, you’re going to get wet. But, in order to make sure you capture perfect photos of these experiences, you’ll want to be prepared.

Whether it’s a waterproof camera or a waterproof pouch for your phone, make sure the device you use to take photos is well protected. You simply won’t want to miss out on great photo opportunities as there will be plenty. Even when hiking or at the beach, you never know when the rain might start. But the rain often leads to rainbows over the dramatic scenery or landscapes consisting of colors that few would believe.

Make sure your camera is ready so that you don’t get caught in or near water without a chance to take photos!

2. Know Which Place To Stay In Kauai

There are two sides of the island where visitors generally stay – the south shore (Poipu) and the north shore (Hanalei and Princeville). The first thing you should do is see which side matches your travel style the best so that you can determine where to stay in Kauai. Knowing where to stay on the island is important as you want to be close to the activities you’re interested in and in an environment that matches your needs and interests. 

The south shore gets more sunlight and is drier for the majority of the year. In the winter, the ocean is calmer and more swimmable. The beaches are  easily accessible as well. There’s also a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from resorts to condos but this side does tend to be more expensive overall.

On the north shore, it is more mountainous and tropical. Beaches have spectacular mountain backdrops, making for some incredible photos. It’s breathtaking in every sense of the world. But it’s also more crowded with tourists as a result.

And since there’s more rain here, along with large waves in the winter, most beaches are not very suitable for swimming. It’s great for scenery and hiking though.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Island Helicopters

Taking a helicopter flight over Kauai is popular for a reason. Often said to have the most impressive landscapes on the planet, helicopters give you a chance to see this natural beauty from an incredible angle.

Some companies, such as Island Helicopters, also allow tourists to land by the Manawaiopuna Falls in order to really have a unique experience. It’s a 400-foot waterfall on private land, which is simply magical, along with the views all around you. Combine this with canyons, coastline, mountains, jungle and more and a helicopter trip is hard to beat.

There are many companies and many different packages so it’s good to shop around and see what discounts you can get before you book a trip.

4. Fly Across The Sky With Ziplines

With an exhilarating zipline experience, you’ll soar high over the treetops on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. One of the most popular ziplines in Kauai takes you to Kipu Ranch where seven different ziplines allow you to fly over the ranch’s lush valleys. 

Tandem lines are available or you can go solo as you soar from tree house to tree house above the jungle below. Once again, be sure to ask your hotel or any contacts you make in Kauai about any discounts for activities such as this in order to get the best deal possible.

With these easy tips for your Kauai trip, all that’s left to do is enjoy this stunning location that can only be described as true paradise!