Five Essential Facts About Engagement Rings

Most people dream of the day when they’ll meet THE person who will light up their life, and imagine, with stars in their eyes, the moment when they propose. In many countries, it’s customary to present the bride-to-be with a magnificent ring at the engagement ceremony.

If you’re planning to propose to your loved one soon, but don’t know how to choose the perfect piece of jewelry for a sure-fire YES, don’t worry! Here, I share with you everything you need to know to find the perfect piece of jewelry without making any mistakes!

Engagement ring: what does it symbolize?

For many lovers, the engagement ring embodies commitment and the promise of eternal love. It is the ultimate symbol of the intention to marry, and represents the mutual commitment of two people. It represents the idea that both partners are committed to sharing their future together, through good times and bad.

What’s more, this ring also shows the respect and consideration that one partner has for the other. The gift of a ring shows a sincere desire to establish a lasting union based on mutual trust and unwavering support.

Last but not least, it’s the sentimental value of an engagement ring, often adorned with a precious stone, that takes precedence over any material or financial considerations. The ring becomes much more than a piece of luxury jewelry: it represents a strong emotional commitment between two individuals ready to take all future steps together.

How to give an engagement ring?

When it comes to giving an engagement ring, there’s no need to make the traditional proposal on your knees at a romantic dinner if that’s not your style. What’s important is that the moment is intense and magical for both of you. You can, therefore, choose to give the ring on a romantic weekend or during an evening out with a few friends in a restaurant to create a surprise effect without overdoing it. If, on the other hand, you’re planning to surprise your partner by going all out, opt for an unexpected location such as during a trip abroad or at the top of a mountain after a strenuous hike. You’re sure to have a memorable time!

There are no strict rules about the timing of engagement proposals. However, I would advise you to be cautious and not to rush into anything, especially if the subject of marriage has not been clearly addressed in your relationship. No one is immune to rejection!

Where to buy this king of ring ?

The best way to find ideas for your future engagement ring is usually to go directly to a boutique. This gives you the opportunity to try on the jewels, get valuable advice and practical experience. Both generalist and specialist boutiques offer a wide choice in different price ranges. For those looking for a more luxurious piece of jewelry, high-end jewelers offer prestigious pieces that are sure to seduce your partner. And if you’re looking for a rarity, it’s also possible to call on a jewellery designer to create a unique ring to match your future partner’s personality.

If you’re shy or simply prefer to shop online, ordering your ring over the Internet can be advantageous. You’ll have access to original designs at attractive prices. It’s important, however, to check the reliability of the site and consult online reviews to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

A less common but interesting option is the wedding ring show, where over 10,000 different models combining classic and trendy designs are presented each year. It’s an event not to be missed, as you’re sure to find THE ring that will symbolize your love!

On which finger should an engagement ring be worn?

The engagement ring, like the wedding band, is traditionally worn on the ring finger, i.e. the fourth finger of the hand. The etymology of the word annular refers directly to the idea of a ring, which underlines its connection with rings. In France, the latter is placed on the left ring finger as part of a long-standing tradition. This practice also helps preserve the jewel, as the ring finger is less stressed than the other fingers. This custom has ancient roots and is associated with several historical traditions. According to a Greek legend inspired by ancient Egypt, a vein called Vena Amoris directly connects our left ring finger to the heart. This explains why the engagement ring is still worn on this ring finger in France and Switzerland.

In addition, this habit can be explained by the fact that there are more right-handers than left-handers in the population: it is therefore more natural for most people to use their right hand to slip the ring onto their left.

What hand does the engagement ring go on ?

The order in which an engagement ring and wedding band are worn can vary according to individual customs and preferences. Some believe that putting the wedding ring on first symbolizes a direct link to the heart, while others follow the order of events, placing the engagement ring before the wedding band. It is also common to wear the engagement ring between the proposal and the wedding day, where it is then replaced by the wedding band. However, some people also choose to wear both rings together.

To strictly observe wedding tradition, you should wear your engagement ring on your right ring finger. After the wedding, it is generally expected that the ring will again be worn on the left ring finger alongside the wedding band. However, this practice is not universal, and everyone is free to act according to their own wishes.

Whatever your choice regarding the wearing of rings, I recommend that they are comfortable and fit perfectly on your fingers to avoid any discomfort or accidental loss.