Evening Entertainment Suggestions for Prague Explorers

Prague is a beautiful city and it’s easy to see why 8 million people savor all that it has to offer every year. As well as the touristy city center highlights, the Czech city has nightlife in abundance. Whereas the Old Town is geared towards the tourists, the suburbs of Prague is where the action is, and where the better night spots can be found.

After you’ve checked in and upacked at one of the best hotels in Prague, it’s time to embark on a nighttime adventure!

Whether you’re here as a tourist or for business purposes, get yourself a metro ticket and head out to the districts of Holešovice, Smichov and Kárlin, and prepare yourself for a night, or several nights, to remember.

So let’s see what Prague has to offer in terms of nightlife.

Deja Vu Music Club

Prague is synonymous with partying and this spot, known for its cocktails and great happy hour, is a good introduction. It’s bustling but with a laid-back atmosphere, offers wonderful drinks at affordable prices and has a comfortable vibe for travelers and locals of all ages. Everything from the music to the service receives rave reviews from those who spend an evening here, creating an ideal spot to start the night before you head to the nightclubs later on.

Hells Bells

There are no bells here but this hard rockin’ dive bar will lift your spirits no matter what night of the week you show up. Located in Smichov, Hells Bells has been rockin’ out and serving cold beer for as long as anyone can remember. It’s a cellar pub so it can be dark down there, but if you’re after riffs and good beer, then a visit to Hells Bells is an absolute must.

Letná Park

Many festivals happen in Prague and when they do, they frequently happen in Letná Park. The park is the highest point in Prague and offers fantastic views over the city as it was built near the edge of the Vltava River. Be sure to check the festival schedule while you’re here and if there is a festival taking place in Letna Park, it’s probably worth attending. The atmosphere is usually welcoming and energetic and it can be a great place to meet some local people.

At the very least, the park is an ideal spot to drink a quality Czech beer in the evening, whether there’s a festival or not!

U Zlateho Tygra (The Golden Tiger)

Sometimes, you have to go to the more expensive bars to get the full Czech experience. The Golden Tiger is one such place and after entering, you’ll immediately know that you’ll be drinking in the footsteps of giants. Indeed, this bar boasts that Bohumil Hrabal, one of the country’s greatest writers, enjoyed a few beers regularly at The Golden Tiger. Bill Clinton has also paid this bar in a visit. Famous for their pilsner, it’s also well-known for often being full so make sure you get there early and hopefully you’ll get to enjoy this unique pub.

Prague is truly full of excellent spots for nightlife. And taking a little trip off the beaten track, outside the main tourist center, is definitely worth your time if you want some memorable evenings out on the town!