eSIM Card for Sojourning in Japan

Are you ready to travel to Japan? Or perhaps you’re thinking about taking a trip to this fascinating country? If that’s the case, you definitely want to figure out a way to stay connected while you’re overseas. Things are changing quite quickly when it comes to this topic but luckily, it’s now remarkably easy, and inexpensive, to travel with a constant data connection. It’s all about eSIM cards as they are definitely the most traveler friendly option that exists.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is different than your usual SIM card that you would insert into your phone. Usually, your cellular company provides you with a physical SIM card and once inserted into your device, you are connected to their network.

With an eSIM, there is no physical card. Instead, it’s 100% digital, enabling you to connect to a cellular network without having to put anything in your phone’s SIM card slot. In short, it’s software that you download and that installs directly onto your phone.

A good example is Holafly’s eSIM card for Japan with unlimited data that allows you to easily download an international eSIM so that you can remain connected to the internet while traveling.

Everything About eSIM cards for Japan

Let’s start with this…an eSIM card for Japan is very easy to set up and use. As you’ll see below, it only takes a couple of minutes from the moment you purchase your eSIM until it is ready to be used.

Second, the value is hard to beat. What you’ll pay for a month of data with a Japan eSIM card is about the same as you would pay for only 5 or 6 days of international roaming offered by your cellular company at home.

Third, it offers extensive coverage for travelers. You can purchase an eSIM for an individual country or even an entire region, such as Europe or Asia. Holafly offers eSIMs for 160 destinations in total. This ensures that you are seamlessly connected wherever you go on your adventures, without having to worry about finding ways to get online every time you cross a new border.

With excellent Trust Pilot ratings, Holafly is quickly making a name for themselves as a leader in the eSIM card industry.

Benefits of an eSIM card for Japan

Let’s suppose you’re taking a trip to Japan. With Holafly’s eSIM card Japan, you can buy and install your eSIM online before you leave home. You can choose a plan for a certain length of time, based on your needs. You’ll find plan options for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and more. The whole process takes about 2 minutes to set it all up.

Then, once your flight lands in your destination, you turn on your phone, activate the eSIM and you’re good to go. You’ll be connected right away! And you won’t have to worry about exorbitant international roaming fees or paying for the very expensive international plan that you your cellular company at home offers.

Keep in mind, you’ll still keep your phone number from home. If you have a regular physical SIM card in your phone, nothing will change with your phone number. But with the eSIM, you’ll be getting your data connection through Holafly’s network of cellular companies, which is much cheaper than if you use the data connection offered by your cellular network at home.

If Japan is one of several Asian countries you plan to visit on your trip, you can also purchase an Asia regional eSIM card. This way, you don’t need separate eSIM cards for each country and will have zero disruption of service as you move around the region!

How do I set up an eSIM card for Japan?

As mentioned, it’s simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to HolaFly’s eSIM card Japan page:
  2. Check the box that says “Phones compatible with eSIM” to make sure your phone is on the list
  3. Choose the plan that suits your travels and add it to the cart
  4. Go to “Checkout” and pay for the eSIM (Discount: Use code WANDERINGEARL for 5% off any Holafly purchase!)
  5. You’ll then receive an email with simple instructions
  6. Before you depart for your trip, follow the activation instructions in the email
  7. Now you’ll be connected as soon as you turn on your phone upon arrival in your destination!

Using the Holafly App

With Holafly, you’ll have their easy-to-use app on your phone. You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store. This not only makes the eSIM function, but it allows you to monitor usage and top up your credit if needed. For example, if you decide to stay longer in your destination, all you need to do is open the app, choose your eSIM for Japan and top up your package. It takes less than a minute and just like that, your coverage will continue uninterrupted.

Which devices work with the Holafly eSIM card?

There’s a long list of phones that are compatible with a Holafly eSIM card. If you bought your phone within the last 4 years, there’s a very high chance it supports eSIMs. (For iPhones, all versions including XS, XR and newer support eSIMs.) You can check out Holafly’s compatibility list of phones that will work with an eSIM: eSIM compatible phones

How much does it cost for an Holafly eSIM card Japan?

The prices for an Holafly eSIM for Japan vary depending on the length of time you need coverage for. And keep in mind, all of the packages are for UNLIMITED data on the fastest networks possible. Here are the options:

5 days Unlimited Data = $19.00 USD
7 days Unlimited Data = $27.00 USD
10 days Unlimited Data = $34.00 USD
>15 days Unlimited Data = $47.00 USD
20 days Unlimited Data = $54.00 USD
30 days Unlimited Data = $64.00 USD
60 days Unlimited Data = $84.00 USD
90 days Unlimited Data = $99.00 USD

When you mix in the convenience and again, the fact that these packages come with unlimited data, it’s really hard to beat the value. Also, don’t forget to use the discount code WANDERINGEARL for 5% off any Holafly purchase!

Coverage and Network Quality

The part that makes this all worthwhile is the reliability. If you pay for an eSIM card and it doesn’t work very well during your trip, it would be a waste. But with Holafly, their eSIMs work through partnerships with a large network of local operators. This helps ensure that you have a strong, fast, reliable and seamless connection whether you’re in big cities, small towns and villages in the countryside, and while moving between them all as well.

Alternatives to Holafly eSIM for a data connection in Japan

Of course, an eSIM such as Holafly is not the only way you can have a data connection while traveling in Japan. Here are some other options:

This involves simply keeping your phone on as normal when you go overseas. It’s certainly easy enough but you’ll end up paying a fortune as the rates your cellular company at home will charge you for international roaming will leave your jaw on the floor! To lower those costs, many cellular companies offer an ‘international plan’ which you can certainly use. However, these plans still cost much more than an eSIM. You can expect to pay around $10 per day (plus taxes) for such an international plan, so after 3 or 4 days, you’re already spending more than if you had an eSIM to travel to Japan, or anywhere else. Also, you often need to actually call your cellular company, wait to speak with customer service and then go through an activation process in order to set up the international plan.

Local SIM
Another option is to purchase a local SIM card in each of the countries you visit. When you arrive, you can find a shop selling SIM cards and by inserting one into your phone, you’ll be able to connect to that network. The main downside is that you won’t be connected as soon as you arrive in a new country as you need to find a shop first in order to buy the SIM card. Also, if you are traveling to multiple countries, you’ll generally need to buy a new SIM card in each country you visit instead of simply being connected automatically through one eSIM. Finally, your normal phone number from home will no longer work if you use a local, physical SIM card as you need to remove your regular SIM card until your trip is over.

International SIM
You can also purchase an international SIM card. This would also be a traditional physical SIM card that you would insert into your phone but would allow you to access data while overseas. Several companies offer these international SIM cards and they can be a good option if your phone is not compatible with an eSIM. In general though, the cost of data would be much more expensive with such a physical SIM card.

Airalo eSIM
This is another eSIM option. And while it is less expensive than Holafly, there are two differences. First, Airalo doesn’t offer unlimited plans so you would need to keep topping up your credit every time you run out. This is definitely a pain compared to the worry-free unlimited data options that Holafly offers. Second, Holafly’s customer support and connectivity are excellent compared to Airalo. All you need to do is read the reviews over at TrustPilot (Airalo reviews / Holafly reviews) to understand the difference. For the most seamless eSIM experience, Holafly is indeed the way to go!

Final thoughts about Holafly eSIM card

The days are gone when having a data connection while traveling was difficult, to say the least. The transition from internet cafes to expensive local SIM cards to expensive international plans has finally landed in a sweet spot. With an Holafly eSIM card, you can have fast internet wherever you go, for a very affordable price.

As long as your phone supports an eSIM, it’s the best option to stay connected while on the road by far. And the fact that it takes only a couple of minutes to get connected is a huge bonus. You could be on your way to Japan right now, download an eSIM while waiting to board your flight and as soon as you land in Tokyo, turn on your phone and you’re connected!

*This sponsored post comes at an ideal time. I use eSIMs on all of my travels as it is the absolute best and most cost effective way to stay connected anywhere in th world.