Emirates Skywards: A Comprehensive Guide to the Loyalty Program

To reward the loyalty of its frequent flyers, the airline Emirates has created a loyalty program called Emirates Skywards. It allows its members to accumulate miles and have access to substantial benefits like the Delta Skymiles program, for the traveler and his family. How does the Emirates frequent flyer program work, and what benefits does it offer to its members?

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Earning and using miles with the Emirates loyalty program

The principle is simple and quite common in the airline world. The more you travel, the more loyalty points you accumulate. Here they are called Miles; and being a member of Skywards will allow you to pocket and use them in several ways.

How do I earn Skywards miles?

To earn miles, all you have to do is fly with Emirates or partner airlines such as Fly Dubai. The number of miles you earn will depend on your fare, itinerary, and the class of travel you select. Some partner airlines even allow you to use your Emirates membership code to continue earning miles when you book. Just remember to enter your member code before confirming the transaction.

A partnership between Emirates and Marriot allows select members to earn Marriot Bonvoy points for flights, and Skywards miles for staying at Marriot hotels

An online mileage calculator, available on the Emirates app or website, will allow you to enter your booking details to instantly see how many miles you will be awarded for your loyalty.

You can also take advantage of the Emirates frequent flyer program by paying daily with an Emirates Skywards co-branded card. By doing so, you’ll continue to earn miles without even realizing it. What’s more, they’re valid for 3 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to earn and spend them.

What to do with your Emirates miles ?

You can spend your miles in many ways. They can be used to pay for all or part of your flight tickets on Emirates or Fly Dubai flights, but also to pay for purchases in partner stores, attend sports matches, concerts, and many other events reserved exclusively for Skywards members.

Emirates and Fly Dubai are constantly developing more and more partnerships across the globe, to be present everywhere for their members. This makes it easier and easier to use your miles to rent a car when you arrive at your destination, or to book a vacation to destinations you might not have thought of before.

Climb the ladder and gain access to exclusive benefits

How do I reach the next level of membership?

To reward the airline’s most loyal travelers, Emirates offers benefits that evolve with your membership level. There is a hierarchy of four levels: blue, silver, gold and platinum.

To reach each of these levels, all you have to do is travel. The accumulation of level miles, necessary to obtain a higher membership status, is done automatically.

While the Blue level is automatically awarded to all new members of the Skywards program, 25,000 Level Miles or 25 eligible flights must be accumulated to obtain Silver membership status. The Gold level is obtained after 50,000 level miles or 50 eligible flights.

Finally, earning 150,000 Level Miles will earn you Platinum membership. Level miles are calculated over a rolling 14-month period. This will allow you to easily maintain your status by traveling regularly on Emirates. If you do not earn enough points to maintain your status over this period, you will automatically be demoted to the next level.

What benefits does Emirates offer to its members?

Many pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight benefits are indexed to this membership level. You will be able to benefit from an instant upgrade at the time of boarding, access to the travelers’ lounge and the airport lounge (free for Gold and Platinum members)… But also have a greater baggage allowance, priority in the queue, or even wifi on board the plane. The list of all these advantages, and the level of membership to which they are associated, are available online on the Emirates website.

How do I enroll in the Emirates frequent flyer program?

Registration is simple, fast and free, and is done directly online on the airline’s website, or through the application. Once you have entered your personal information, you will be able to link a payment method to facilitate your future reservations.

A Skywards membership card will be issued to you digitally. You will be able to print it, keep it as an image on your phone, or access it at any time from the Emirates smartphone app.

For those who are used to traveling with their family, it is possible to create a family account. All family members will be able to enjoy the benefits of the membership card holder when traveling together. They will also be able to participate in mileage accrual by entering the membership card number when booking, or by paying with a co-branded Emirates card, if they have one themselves.

Who is the Emirates Skywards frequent flyer program for?

Clearly, the program’s member benefits are of interest to frequent flyers who are accustomed to using the airline’s routes. If you often travel to the same destinations, especially if it’s Dubai, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates, then Emirates is likely to be the most represented airline on those routes. Enrolling in the frequent flyer program will then be very advantageous. What’s more, I remind you that it is free.

For more occasional travelers, it will be difficult to reach the requirements for access to higher statuses. Nevertheless, since registration is once again free, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the benefits granted to blue members.

In any case, the existence and efficiency of such a program brings additional comfort to both occasional and regular travelers. More and more travelers are attaching great importance to the comfort of their journey, whether during the flight or while waiting at the airport. Participation in the loyalty program can help reduce the stress of travel, which is very present among some travelers, for whom flying was previously a necessity, an obstacle between them and their destination.

Now, it is possible to enjoy the journey before it even begins, and enjoy great comfort during the trip without necessarily spending a fortune; simply by choosing to remain loyal to one of the most prestigious airlines. Once you arrive at your destination, your status as a member of the Skywards program may even, under certain conditions, allow you to have your luggage delivered to you, rather than waiting for it near the conveyor belt, an ordeal that is often unpleasant after long and often trying flights.

This offer is made for you if you consider that travel and vacations do not only start at the landing. For you, flying will also be synonymous with relaxing in airport lounges, reading magazines and having a drink (or a coffee), before flying to your destination.