A Comprehensive Analysis of the Newton Crib Mattress

An in-depth Newton Crib Mattress review

Real talk: we would have never thought about buying a mattress like this on our own. It’s… different. It’s full of noodle like “wovenaire” polymer. Also, kind of expensive. Really expensive, actually.

But is it worth the money? You’ll just have to read the full Newton mattress review to find out. We’ve got you covered, from specs to price and good to bad. By the end, you might just be a baby mattress expert.

Heads up: We received the Newton Baby mattress for free from the manufacturer. We didn’t promise a good review, so what you’ll read below really is honest our opinion. Also, Fathercraft is reader-supported, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission. You can read more about our disclosures and how we go about these reviews in our policies.

Just the specs: what do you get with the Newton Baby Mattress?

Let’s start with some objective notes on the Newton Crib Mattress. No opinion given here, just a basic overview of what you can actually expect when that big package arrives in the mail. 

  • Material: Wovenaire® polymer, a trademarked design that’s unique to this mattress. It’s 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, and 100% breathable. We’ll get into that below.
  • Size: standard for a U.S. crib. That means 52 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 5.5 inches thick. It also comes in a smaller “Mini” version (38x24x5.5) that fits many bassinets, and an essential version where the mattress is only 4 inches thick.
  • The mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning it means rigorous chemical emissions standards.
  • It’s also 100% recyclable. No latex, glue, or springs involved. Newton leaves those materials to anyone looking for the more kinky stuff.
  •  The mattress comes with a polyester cover that’s removable and breathe-through.

Alright, let’s talk about that material a little more. Don’t get confused by the ‘food-grade’ note above and start chewing the mattress. Polymer means that it’s plastic, it’s just a plastic that won’t bleed into other things (like food). Your yogurt container, plastic wrap, and water bottle all use the same kind of plastic.

When you take the cover off the Newton baby mattress, you see why Newton mentions that 90/10 air to polymer ratio. Most of the mattress under the cover is actually air, with the hard plastic building what looks a lot like a bird’s nest or a plate of pasta around it. That’s what makes it 100% breathable.

Another unique piece of the material is that it’s 100% washable. You can even take it into the bathtub with you if you want. Clean up those little accidents and drool stain, or simply give it a regular cleaning to keep the dust mites away from your little one. Oh, and it’s also hypoallergenic.

Finally, Newton offers a risk-free 100-night trial with every purchase. If it’s just too weird for you, you can always return it—no questions asked.

About that Newton Breathability

One major selling point for the mattress is its breathability, which Newton says will keep your baby safe even if they roll on their belly.

So let’s stop with the jokes for a second. That message resonates with a lot of parents because of fears about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID). Does a breathable mattress actually help to mitigate these serious concerns?

Possibly. The breathable material means that your baby could be on her belly with her face buried in the mattress and still be able to get air. But, as we’ve written about, you can take actions to protect your baby from SIDS and SUID without owning this mattress. As long as you have a crib mattress that’s firm, flat, fits the crib, and accommodates a fitted sheet, you will be following expert recommendations to keep your baby safe.

What do the experts say? The American Academy of Pediatrics states that breathable crib mattress may be preferable to their counterparts. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but we’re also not talking about a hoax here.

At the very least, it’s peace of mind. And, especially for new parents, that matters a whole lot.

Pricing the Newton Crib Mattress

Alright, let’s address the elephant (cute, nursery-appropriate elephant) in the room. This is one expensive mattress.

And we mean Expensive, with a capital E. The Newton Baby Mattress costs up to $350 dollars, depending on the variety you choose:

  • Mini: $249.99 (smaller, in case you want to splurge on your bassinet) 
  • Standard/Essential: $249.99 (with a 4-inch, less comfortable thickness)
  • Standard/Original: $299.99 (with the standard 5.5-inch mattress thickness)
  • Standard/Waterproof: $349.99 (which comes with a waterproof barrier between mattress and cover)

Now let’s compare that to your other options. You can walk into a store right now (mask on, please!) and get a cheap mattress for $30. That probably won’t serve your baby well, but Consumer Reports estimates that even a good mattress ranges between $90 and $200. The top end of that range is still a full Ulysses Grant lower than your lowest-priced Newton option.

Be honest. Did you know he was on the $50 bill? We had to look it up.

That just isn’t a realistic price for some parents. Though the Newton does go on sale occasionally, so keep an eye out, and the washability means it lasts for years, so it’s not a bad investment long-term.  But it’s still a lot of dough, and not the noodle kind.

The awesome, the wish it were different, and a verdict

The awesome

Don’t get your polymer twisted. There’s a lot to like about this mattress. These are our favorite parts:

  • The washability. To be able to take the cover off and wash it, and then even shower off the mattress, is pretty awesome. It even dries pretty quickly.
  • The comfort. Yes, this thing is actually really comfortable. You won’t be the one laying in it, but don’t you want the best for your little snoozing one, especially as they get older and care about such things more?
  • The durability. The material won’t break down over time, and the fact that it’s washable means you can use it for years. You can even transition it to a toddler bed.
  • The breathability. Yes, it really is breathable. Stick your face in it and take a deep breath. You’ll be surprise. That adds a lot of reassurance if you’re worried about factors like SIDS.
  • The silence. You know how annoying baby mattresses can get when they squeak and squeal? Not this one. Even when your kid jumps on it, the mattress stays amazingly quiet.
  • The cover. It fits like a glove, and has the right indentations and patterns to be comfortable for your baby.
  • The lack of chemical fire retardants. That means your baby won’t breathe in chemicals, because the mattress accomplishes fire resistance through naturally-contained salts in the polymer to meet safety standards.

The wish it were different

We’ve hyped you up, so let’s bring you right back down. Here’s what we would do different if we were Newton:

  • The price. We already mentioned it above, but it’s quite the hefty number to pay for a mattress that might just be as safe and comfortable for your baby as most other materials.
  • The breathability. Sure, it’s an awesome feature. But if you have an accident, that pee will drip right through to the floor. Classic gravity problem.
  • The mattress cover dilemma. Because of the above, you’ll be tempted to throw a mattress cover over top of the included cover. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of breathability?

The verdict

We liked it! Quite a lot, actually. It’s comfortable, and keeps its promises. All in all, and compared to most other products, it’s an excellent product.

If only it wasn’t so expensive. All of the great features above are not necessarily must-haves. So if you’re on a tight budget, you will get a firm and flat mattress that accomplishes much of the same. 

In other words, it’s a luxury buy if you really want to splurge. But there are certainly worse luxury buys, so we will certainly not tell you not to buy it.

Where to buy

Newton mattress products are only available at the Newton Baby website, but that’s ok, because you’ll enjoy fast, free shipping and the 100-night in-home trial.

Just the FAQs about the Newton Baby Mattress

Let’s focus on some popular questions we’ve seen. These might have come up as you were reading through, or you just want a quick answer because you didn’t actually read much of the above. We don’t blame you! But we will give you the answers you deserve.

Is the Newton mattress worth it?

The Newton mattress could be worth it. Ultimately, it depends on your budget and how importance peace of mind is for you should your baby start rolling over. 

Is the Newton mattress safe?

The Newton crib mattress is certainly designed for people who think a lot about keeping their baby as safe as possible. The breathable fabric holds a lot of promise, and keeps your baby safe. As we mentioned above, though, other mattress can do that too.

Another safety aspect is the chemical nature of most mattresses. The Newton mattress contains none, so your little one will be enjoying sleep without any toxic materials. That’s quite the achievement.

Can you put a sheet on the Newton baby mattress?

You can put a sheet on the Newton baby mattress, but you have to be careful. The cover it ships with is made of polyester, which is not the most comfortable material. But if you need a sheet to increase that comfort, make sure you buy a breathable one that lets the air through. Those can get pretty expensive in their own right.

Should I buy a breathable crib mattress?

That depends on your priorities. If you’re up at night checking on your baby because you’re worried about SIDS, the peace of mind you get might be worth the investment. Everyone is different that way.

We wouldn’t buy it because we feel that the breathability would make our baby safer. We’d buy it because the material is friendly, lasts a long time, and stays comfortable as your baby turns into a toddler.

What are the dimensions of the Newton crib mattress?

That depends on the option you choose! The standard size is 52″ by 28″ by 5.5″ and fits most U.S. cribs. You can save $50 by opting for the 4-inch thick mattress at the same length and width. Or, you can get a mini mattress for your bassinet at 38″ by 24″ by 5.5″.

What’s Next?

Got a question about the Newton Baby mattress we didn’t answer? info@lifelayered.com